How sliding glass can improve your lockdown living space

Tags: Inspiration

Lockdown has had a huge impact on how we live day to day, with many of us spending more time at home with our loved ones. However, the layout of our open-plan properties can make finding some much-needed quiet time difficult but there is a simple solution. Installing our sliding glass room dividers allows you to reconfigure your space to make it work for lockdown life without losing light or the feeling of spaciousness. 

Create a peaceful home office 

Like many of us, if you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home you may be struggling to find a quiet space that’s free from distraction. So, instead of struggling to concentrate as your parent practices pilates in the living room or battling over the noise of the kids on the phone, create a separate working space by dividing a larger room with glass doors. 

Separate spaces while maintaining open plan feel

As we’re spending much more time at home than ever before, it can begin to feel a little crowded and many of us will crave a little alone time. However, our modern homes tend to embrace the sociability of open plan living and finding a quiet space can be tricky. Sliding glass doors are the perfect solution. When closed they divide space without losing that feeling of openness and slide all the way open for when you want to create one large room again.  

Create a garden pod with sliding glass

Sliding glass walls pair perfectly with outside shading structures such as pergolas, to create another living space separate from the main house and surrounded by views of your beautiful garden. When closed, the sliding glass doors keep you cosy and warm while maintaining that outside feel as the large glass panes are perfectly transparent and uninterrupted with bulky and ugly frames. And when the sun is shining, simply slide the glass panels back to reveal the perfect spot for alfresco dining or sunbathing. 

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