Vertical Sliding Glass - Habitat Win

The Habitat Win vertical sliding glass system from C3 Systems is perfect for balconies, verandas and terraces. Also known as height adjustable glass or guillotine glass, it is a series of framed glass screens designed to enclose outside or open spaces. This clever system acts as an effective wind barrier at seating height, separating and protecting the area without blocking the view. As a sliding glass system, the height of the panes can be either raised or lowered to any desired height depending on the weather conditions and preference of those seated behind.

This innovative sliding glass system is easy to use and is available in widths of up to 2000mm and heights of up to 2400mm. It also comes in a variety of configurations, making this glazing solution one of the most versatile on the market, ideal for patios, garden rooms, pergolas, porches, balconies and open spaces. The C3 Vertical Sliding Glass by Broadview is also a fantastic solution for the outside space of restaurants, hotels, cafés and bars who want to protect their customers from the wind without blocking their view.

High-quality glass balustrades

When you choose C3 Vertical Sliding Glass by Broadview, you can also add a decorative flower tub that matches the system perfectly, creating an attractive focal point in any garden or outside space. You can also rest assured that the system has been fully tested for wind resistance and water tightness to industry standard.

Broadview is among the most trusted and well-respected companies in the South, providing high quality sliding glass partitions to both the residential and commercial sectors. To learn more about the C3 Vertical Sliding Glass by Broadview, get in touch today on 01202 679012.


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