4 Popular ways to use sliding glass panels

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Stylish, strong and versatile, frameless sliding glass panels can be used in many different ways, from home offices to garden pods. Read on to discover the 4 most popular ways our clients have used their sliding glass panels. 

Create a stunning home office

The second lockdown means many of us will be working from home once again which is far from ideal if you don’t have a dedicated office space. Overcome this conundrum by sectioning off a living area with interior sliding glass panels so when you need peace and quiet, you can simply close the glass. Or, if you fancy a bit of company, you can push them all the way open once again. 

Enclose an outside structure or pergola

Exterior sliding glass panels and pergolas are a match made in heaven! Why? Because the glass panels can be used to completely enclose the structure and make it weather tight. This means you can use the space even in winter for any number of things, from a festive feast surrounded by your wintry garden to working from home to relaxing with a hot drink and your favourite book. 

Divide large living spaces 

If you have a large, open plan living area which you wish could sometimes be made into two separate rooms, such as a lounge and dining room, sliding glass panels are the ideal way to make this dream into a reality. By installing these gorgeous frameless glass walls that slide fully open and closed, you can have the best of both worlds; an open plan living space which can be divided in two whenever you need. 

Update your balcony or terrace

Our sliding glass systems are also available as the perfect safety barrier, and effective wind break, for balconies and terraces. Again, these specially reinforced glass balustrades are totally frameless so won’t block your view outside and provide a modern aesthetic that will refresh the look of your entire home. 

How to order your sliding glass panels

If you’re feeling more than a little inspired by the many possibilities sliding glass panels provide, get in touch with Broadview, the South’s leading suppliers of sliding glass systems, to chat through your options.
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