Benefits of sliding glass walls for bars & restaurants

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The South’s leading supplier of sliding glass systems explores the ways in which practical and stylish sliding glass walls could benefit your business.

Create dedicated spaces with a stylish glass divider

There are so many ways you can maximise your space with sliding glass panels. You could separate your bar area from the main dining space, or even create a cosy little private function area. 

The best part is you can create these separate areas without compromising the overall feel of your establishment. Your guests will still be able to enjoy the atmosphere of a full and bustling space, as they’ll be able to see everything even in divided off areas. 

Keep things light and airy

Sliding glass walls offer a stylish and practical way to get the most out of your space. Not only do they look striking, but also they allow light through. This means that you can use glass partitions to make clever use of your space, without compromising on the amount of natural light in each area of your establishment. 

Enclose external areas without sacrificing beautiful views

Sliding glass walls are a great addition to pergolas and outside structures, as they let you make the most of your outdoor space in the winter months by creating a cosy, enclosed area. In the summer you’ll be able to push back the panels, and still offer your guests al fresco seating. What’s more, you won’t be blocking the view!

It’s such a shame to let outside space go to waste in the colder months, and a huge missed opportunity in terms of revenue. By adding glass walls to your outside structure, you’ll be creating a truly versatile space that can be enjoyed all year round.  

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