How Can Sliding Glass Pandemic-Proof your Business?

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If you own a hospitality business, you know by now that indoor hospitality is the first thing to be restricted in the event of a rise of coronavirus infections. While the country is opening up, experts are saying that we’re not completely out of the woods yet, with nobody knowing how the impact of the vaccine rollout is going to affect the inevitable rise in Covid-19 infections come wintertime.

During autumn and winter 2021, hospitality businesses came up with innovative ways to make the best use out of their outside space, including installing marquees and space heaters to provide a warm(ish) sheltered area for guests to dine outside. But with uncertainty over the future of the pandemic – and indeed future pandemics – it may be time to invest in a long term outside solution.

In this article, we explain how sliding glass from Broadview can help you to create the illusion of inside space outside – while bearing in mind the strict government rules on what constitutes as outside space. We’ll also explain how our sliding glass solution is easily adaptable for summer weather conditions, so you can use your investment all year round.

Create a government-approved outside dining area

According to the government rules, a space can only be classified as outside space if it’s more uncovered than covered. That means that having an enclosed marquee in your pub garden doesn’t constitute as outside space. It can, though, become outside space if you remove two of the sides. Marquees are, however, temperamental structures and don’t provide shelter in windy conditions.

T3 Vertical Sliding Glass from Broadview has far more structural integrity than a marquee, and it can be raised or lowered in line with weather conditions. You can raise it above diners’ table level, sheltering your customers from adverse weather, or lower it to provide a breeze during warmer weather.

A lot of our customers choose to combine our sliding glass with one of our outdoor shading solutions. This creates a covered area that meets the government’s rules on outdoor hospitality. In fact, we recently created an all-weather pandemic-proof outside space for The Old Inn in Wimborne, Dorset. Check out our case study on the project for ideas on how we can help your business!

What is vertical sliding glass?

Vertical sliding glass is also known as height adjustable glass. It provides shelter from the wind while still allowing your guests to appreciate the view – this makes it ideal for hospitality venues with balconies and for hospitality venues that don’t want to distort their garden view.

Our vertical glass is available in a range of configurations up to 2000mm in width and up to 2400mm in height. It can even come adorned with decorative balustrades. If you like the sound of our vertical sliding glass, and would like to create a sheltered outside area to pandemic-proof your business, the Broadview team will be happy to help. Get in touch by calling 01202 679012!