The benefits of natural light in your home

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Creating a bright and light-filled space in your home is easy with frameless or sliding glass doors - our team shares their top tips for allowing light in, plus the benefits of natural light.

The physical and psychological benefits of appropriate amounts of natural sunlight cannot be denied. However, we don’t always get enough of it inside our homes - particularly in the UK - where we have short summers and long, dark winters.

Despite this, Broadview Sliding Glass Systems is here to tell you that with the UK winter on the horizon, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom if your home is designed or improved to increase the amount of sunlight it receives indoors. Here are some benefits of increased natural sunlight in the home, and some ways in which this can be achieved.


A better view

Naturally lit homes or homes with good amounts of natural light provide a truer sense of illumination than artificial lighting giving you a better view of your home and potentially even reducing the risk of accidents.

Natural light is economical

With a well sunlit home you can actually expect to see reductions in your utility bills – if your home can be improved to catch sunrays for most part of the day, you would naturally require having the lights on around the house less frequently, therefore saving money and helping the environment in the process.

Psychological benefits

The sunlight positively contributes to your overall mood and can turn a down day into a day of optimism. It can help you wake up feeling refreshed and motivated to be productive either at work or play, and it can motivate you to leave the house to do some excercise - this has been proven by various studies.

Natural sunlight is healthy

We were never going to leave this one out; natural sunlight provides us with a number or vitamins, including vitamin D which is extremely important for our natural health and helps us stay healthy without the aid of vitamin tablet and other artificial supplements.


How to increase natural light in your home

Install sliding glass doors

Adding any sort of windows or glass panelled doors will bring much-needed light to a room. At Broadview we supply the very best sliding glass doors. Our doors come with large panes which allow light to flood into a room and their practicality provides quick and easy access to your garden – you can collect some vitamin D and fresh air too.

Use mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors around your room are a great budget friendly way to make any room feel much bigger and brighter.

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