Who can enjoy the benefits of a sliding glass system?


From commercial businesses to private homes, there are many premises that can benefit from a sliding glass system. We highlight just 5 industries our innovative and stylish sliding glass panels have helped transform into modern and bright spaces that can be used all year round. 

1)    Sliding glass systems for restaurants

Restaurants that have invested in a striking sliding glass system benenfit from a bright and modern dining space that is bathed in light and can be used for any number of purposes, from providing extra protection to hosting events and celebrations. To make the most of this versatile space, make sure to keep the panes free from posters or notices that will detract from the otherwise uninterrupted view. 

2)    Cafés can impress their customers

Cafés are often located in beautiful places with fantastic views, whether that’s of the high street, the sea or rolling British countryside. Sliding glass systems will help ensure you make the most out of your fantastic location and by placing tables along the edge of the panes, your customers can easily enjoy the gorgeous views. 

3)   Sliding glass is also perfect at home

Sliding glass systems aren’t only for businesses as they are just as ideal for homes also looking to add that all-important ‘wow factor’. Sliding glass panels work particularly well when combined with an outdoor structure, such as a louvred roof pergola, as they give you complete control over how you want to use the space all year round. 

4)    Divide space in the office 

A sliding glass system is also a popular choice for offices looking for a modern way to divide space without blocking natural daylight. As they don’t have ugly vertical frames, sliding glass panels let light stream through while providing much needed privacy. They’re great for creating showstopping meeting rooms to really impress clients as well as providing separate areas for different teams. 

5)    Create a memorable stay at your hotel

Give your guests a memorable stay by providing a beautiful and airy lounge or dining room where they can relax and unwind. Sliding glass systems are a practical and striking alternative to patio doors and, as they can be neatly folded back completely, help to bring the outside in when the weather permits. 

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