Why sliding glass systems are perfect for the hospitality industry


Instantly transforming any dull, tired area of your business into an open, bright and modern space, sliding glass systems are the perfect choice for forward-thinking hospitality businesses looking to make the most of their premises.

Boasting floor to ceiling, uninterrupted glass panes, sliding glass systems form an elegant, completely transparent wall when closed, making the most of your premises views, but push them open and you transform an inside room into an outdoor one; ideal for hosting weddings, Christmas parties and other events and celebrations. 

Sliding glass systems offer unrivalled flexibility 

Perfect for maximising light and available space, or for those who want to use outside areas even in adverse weather, sliding glass panels offer exceptional flexibility and control that just can’t be matched by other solutions. In the summer months when al-fresco areas command a premium, you can simply slide the panels back to instantly bring the outside in and offer customers the outside space they crave. Don’t worry about bulky glass panels taking up valuable cover space, the innovative system uses specially designed tracks that stack the panels neatly behind one another when open. 

If the skies cloud over and the wind picks up (which, let’s face it, is always a high possibility in the UK), all you need to do to protect customers and guests from the elements is slide the glass panels back into place. The elegant floor to ceiling design doesn’t have any awkward vertical frames which means even when the system is closed, your customers can enjoy that beautiful, uninterrupted view. 

Why choose Broadview Sliding Glass Systems?

Quick and easy to install, the C3 Sliding Glass Panels from Broadview are available in a range of different options, including C3 Seeglass Eco Sliding Glass, C3 Seeglass Run and C3 Vertical Sliding Glass, so you can create the look that will to blend in seamlessly with your needs and premises. You don’t have to worry about security either as the specially toughened glass panels are completely lockable. 

You can rest assured that when you choose Broadview, you’re not only getting the best products in the market but the best service and workmanship too. Indeed, we’re proud to be an official dealer of C3 Glass Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality glazing solutions. This means that the elegant sliding glass panels we supply and install are not only top quality but your installation will be carried out by fully trained professionals who ensure the very best finish. 

To learn more or to arrange your free, no obligation design consultation, contact Broadview Sliding Glass Systems today on 01202 644007