Your questions about sliding glass answered


Thinking about installing a sliding glass system for your home or business? The glazing experts at Broadview, a leading supplier and installer of quality sliding glass panels, share the answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

Are there different types of sliding glass systems?

Yes! At Broadview, we supply a range of sliding glass systems that each provide a unique solution to a range of situations and needs. The Seeglass ECO and RUN are ideal for enclosing outside space or dividing interiors while our C3 Vertical Sliding Glass and glass balustrades are perfect for placing around balconies and terraces. 

Do your sliding glass systems have a frame?

One of the best things about the sliding glass panels we supply is that they are totally frameless, so you can be sure no bulky, ugly metal pillars will spoil your view or block your light. 

How do sliding glass systems work?

Sliding glass systems are large panes of glass that can be opened, closed, folded back, partially opened and even lifted or lowered depending on your chosen solution and needs. They are secured on discreet tracks that are installed on the floor and ceiling which allows them to glide effortlessly along, picking one pane up after the other until they are fully open, where they stack neatly one behind the other on your chosen side. 

I’d like to use sliding glass panes to enclose my pergola. How secure are they?

Sliding glass is perfect for enclosing outside structures, such as a pergola. Our systems are fully lockable, and come with a choice of handle and lock, and are made from specially toughened glass so you can be sure your property is safe and secure. They have also been tested to ensure they are sufficiently wind and waterproof. 

Why choose a sliding glass system?

People choose sliding glass instead of ordinary windows, walls or doors for a number of fantastic reasons, not least because it gives them ultimate flexibility in how they use the space. Some ideas we have seen include: 

•    Combining with a pergola for use in all four seasons
•    Protecting a balcony from harsh weather conditions
•    Creating a striking veranda or terrace
•    Flooding a dark room or hallway with natural light
•    Dividing an interior space into bright offices or rooms
•    Sheltering outside space without blocking the view

How much do sliding glass systems costs?

Sliding glass systems come in a range of different specifications, including glass thickness, colour and accessories, which means there is no one upfront price. So, to get an accurate quotation for your system, please contact Broadview today to arrange a free, no obligation design consultation. 

Broadview is proud to be an official dealer of C3 Glass Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality glazing solutions, which means you can be sure you are getting the very best product on the market. To learn more, please contact us today on 01202 644007