Internal Glass Walls

Whether you are looking for office partitioning or want to separate out a section of your home, our interior glass walls are the perfect choice. Manufactured using tempered single glazed glass, these seamless panels have minimal framing to ensure an unobstructed view. This means that you can section out your home or workplace without sacrificing an open plan look and feel.

To find out more about our frameless glass walls, contact Broadview today on 01202 679012. We are approved installers of glazing solutions from C3 Systems, a leading manufacturer of interior glass curtains.

Lateral and central opening glass walls

Our internal glass walls are available in a range of configurations and can be opened from either the middle or one side. The panels then stack on top of each other neatly out of the way to create an opening. The design of our glass partitions means that sliding your glass panels to the side is smooth, easy and creates minimal noise. For added security, you can even include a locking system.

Whether you need three of thirty glass panels, the capability of our frameless glass walls is limitless. Contact Broadview today to find out more or arrange a free site inspection on 01202 679012.


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