Why you should consider glass room dividers at home

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When you think of glass partitioning, you may automatically picture a more corporate setting than your living room. However, glass partitions are just as functional and stylish in domestic settings as they are at work.

Limit the flaws of open plan living

There is a growing trend towards open plan living, however, it has its flaws. Sound can travel fast and when your living room carpet and sofa start to smell of what you had for dinner last week, then you may begin questioning your layout.

Internal glass walls provide the perfect solution; helping you to maintain the open plan appearance of your home whilst minimising the inconveniences. Our sliding glass walls act as a clear, effective barrier to noise and smells, so you can enjoy each room as intended without worry.

Still allow the transfer of natural light

Many of us now know the benefits of being exposed to natural light, which is another reason why open plan living is now more popular. Not only can natural light increase your mood, a brighter home can also appear more spacious than a dimly lit one.

Installing sliding glass walls within your home gives you the benefit of a solid wall and doorway without inhibiting the distribution of natural light throughout your home; the perfect compromise.

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